Sunday, December 12, 2010



I'm going to go ahead and finish what I started with the last post and share the rest of the furniture I sold in the "My Sister's House" consignment sale.  I usually have a lot more fun painting and distressing furniture than reupholstering.  There is something therapeutic about painting for me.  I don't know if it is because I just get "in the zone" and forget about stress & craziness or the act of starting and finishing something that I'm proud of...either way...I can't really get enough of it. are pics of the pieces I sold at the last sale.

This piece was my favorite!!

*Still for sale*

*Still for sale*

 I really liked this one also! One of my favorite colors.

I worked all weekend helping a friend re-do her kitchen cabinets.  I am excited to share how they turned out!

If you have any furniture needs...let me know! I'd love to give your furniture a "face lift", or I have lots of furniture on hand to chose from!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My First Post

HEEEY. I created this blog several months ago to share some of the furniture that I have been working on, and hopefully get some feedback/advice from YOU people.  I've been putting off and putting off my first post so, here I am finally. :) I'm spending my Halloween on the couch watching the Texas Rangers and making my first "Top Drawer" blog post.  I'm not a Hallo-weiner anyway! (I didn't even buy candy to pass out.  Is that bad?)

So, I put several pieces of furniture in a consignment sale called My Sister's House this month.  I sold quite a bit of it, and was super stoked! I don't have any before-and-after pics this time unfortunately.  I'm trying to get better at remembering to take the "befores".

So here it is....a few of the pieces I have finished in the past couple of months.

I tried my hand...with the help of my wonderful reupholstering and decorative pillow making:

Most of these pieces started out HIDEOUS things I found at different garage sales.  It's amazing what some fabric and paint will do for you.  I am still learning a lot about reupholstering, but I really like it.  Most of the fabric used for these pieces were bought at a fabric factory on Harry Hines, in Dallas.  I would definitely recommend buying there if you can, because it is significantly cheaper and they have a great selection.

Painted pieces TO COME! Thanks for looking!